Anyone who’s ever spent thirty seconds or more on the Internet will undoubtedly seen a picture of a kitten with some badly spelt text, a poorly subtitled clip from Downfall, or something horrendous involving spinning genetalia.  It’s not often that we actually get to witness the birth of a meme, but this week has seen the emergence of WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS – an example of what happens when you fight the Internet and lose.


Two main protagonists responsible this are responsible for this Meme – a Yiffstar (no, I won’t link or elaborate. Trust me) user calling themselves Brickhousebunny21, and Rob Bricken, editor of Topless Robot (That’s right, the one with the word topless is less seedy).

A regular feature of Topless Robot is “Fan Fiction Friday”, a horrible day when horrible stories (written horribly, naturally) are showcased on the TR site. Past subject matter has featured a giant squid making love to a castle, various computer game characters in various unsavoury acts, and one count of brutal prison rape by Spiderman. As you can imagine, it’s not just the spelling on show that will give you nightmares. Last Friday’s piece was a particularly awful piece of badly written bestialophilliacest involving a woman and her adopted son, an eight year old teddy bear Pokemon.

As you can imagine, most people would be so horrendously mortified that their perverse stories have been reproduced that they’d book an evening with a therapist and work out those mummy/teddybear issues. Not so Brickhousebunny21. Armed with the sense of indignation that only an insulted furry can muster our brave hero launched a badly-constructed tirade at the Topless Robot team.

WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? I wanna know whose idea was this RIGHT NOW.

And so on, and so forth. A full transcript can be seen here (don’t click the Fan Fiction Friday link on that page if you’ve eaten recently), and the fallout will be seen online for years to come.

Very good, Furries are weird and angry. What can this do for me?

Quite unwittingly, Brickhousebunny21 has sent his (admittedly terrible) content viral. Yes, the meme won’t always send people back to the source of it all, but for a while, he’ll be getting more hits and interest than he otherwise would have.

I’m not advising that you go writing mind-wringingly terrible pornographic material, but you too can follow the Brickhousebunny21 path to success.

  1. Create something memorable. If BHB21 had written “Girl goes and buys teddy bear, goes home and watches TV, no horrible sex acts occur”, nobody would have noticed. Break rules, smash conventions and create something that stands out.
  2. Find an audience. Topless Robot is a haven for geeks, nerds and the sort of people that email other people links. Brilliant. BHB21 may not have wanted to be featured on TR, but by “appealing” to an audience who’ll share things they “like”, his content has been seen by thousands. Know who to aim your content at, and they’ll promote it for you.
  3. Know when to keep it going. BHB21’s piece is by no means the worst Fan Fiction Friday thing I’ve read. But by diving in with an unintentionally hilarious rant, he took it to a new level. Most FFF submissions are never mentioned again. This one has had blogs and websites set up dedicated to it. A well-timed piece of input from you can keep public interest levels high.
  4. Learn from his mistakes. Don’t write bestiality/incest porn. It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s not what you want to be remembered for. And always remember – YOU RESPONSIBLE CONTENT! WRITE GOOD PROMOTE GOOD YOU SUCCESS!

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