This is NOT a multi-human relocation conveyance

Do you want to hear a really bad joke? Here you go:

When is a coach not a coach?

When the coach hire website is written by someone who communicates only in marketing-speak:

“XXX Coaches is essentially a surface transport consultancy…”

This is akin to shooting fish in a barrel, but here’s what you should learn from this:

  • What looks good on a white board in a brand synergy meeting doesn’t look good on an advert
  • Don’t let an SEO looking for an easy key phrase dictate the content of your website
  • If you don’t use the terms your clients use, they’re not going to understand you
  • By paying a professional copywriter, you can avoid horror stories like this

If you’ve spotted any similar terribly-worded product descriptions, share them in the comments section below.

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