Follow Unmemorable Title on Facebook, win a Cupcake*

That’s right folks! Unmemorable Title is now available on Facebook.

Wow! What does that mean?

It means that you no longer have to rely on Twitter, RSS feeds, visiting the site on a whim or checking for updates on SERPd to get the latest content from Unmemorable Title. You can now get updates and comments posted direct to your Facebook feed.

Great! So what else do I get?

Well, by joining up to the Unmemorable Title Facebook page, you’ll receive the following:

  • New Post Notifications – See, just like I said in that last section.
  • Comment Roundup – If, like most people, you only read posts once, you can miss out on great debate. Not any more! The best comments from an Unmemorable Title post will be showcased on the Facebook page.
  • Guest Post Opportunities – If I have a slot for a guest post, you’ll find out through Facebook!
  • A Feeling of Glowing Self-Worth – Because you’re brilliant. Unless you don’t follow Unmemorable Title on Facebook. In which case you’re not brilliant. You’re boring.

Sounds so wonderful that I’m giggling like a schoolgirl reading a Stephenie Meyer book. But can I have some social proof?

Erm… Sure.

Unmemorable Title’s Facebook page is tiger-bloody amazing! You’d have to be on crack not to sign up!

Charlie Sheen – Winner

Since I promised to follow Unmemorable Title on Facebook, I’ve had far fewer headaches and there’s been far less sulking in my relationship!

Laura Wilde – Bing-hating Fiancée

OK. You’ve bludgeoned me into submission. Where do I sign up?

Right here.

Congratulations. Enjoy that feeling of glowing self-worth. You’ve earned it.

*Cupcake offer expires 23:59, 20/03/11. So it looks like you’ve missed out. Sorry about that.

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