I didn't ask for butterflies...

It’s been two years since I first posted on Unmemorable Title. 127 posts, 686 comments and 15,408 pieces of spam later, the site is full of advice on copywriting, blogging, SEO and social media.

But which posts are the most helpful? I put it to you, the Unmemorable Title readers, to nominate the most interesting, engaging and useful posts that have been featured over the past 24 months.

So here it is – the definitive Unmemorable Title. Read on!

The Very Best of Unmemorable Title (so far…)

I sent out messages on the social networks, and people replied in droves. So without further ado, here are your favourite posts from the past two years, as submitted via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Have Books Influenced Your Writing Style?

Chosen by Richard Frost

richardfrosty:  Slaughterhouse 5 reminds me to keep it short as well.

It’s a ridiculous question to ask. Of course books have influenced your writing style – that’s why people left comments here sharing the books that have influenced them. So if you’re looking for a reading list beyond Unmemorable Title, you’ll find plenty of good leads on great reads.

Key Lesson: Reading widely can really help with your writing. Especially if you’re paying attention to really great writers.

How You’re Killing Your Credibility With List Posts

Chosen by Dom Conlon

Lists? What lists?


I don’t have anything against list posts. Except when people use them as a shortcut or crutch when they just can’t be mithered writing anything worth reading. Admittedly though, explaining How You’re Killing Your Credibility With List Posts via the medium of a list post was something I did just to ruffle feathers.

Key Lesson: If you’re overusing the list post format, you’re going to call your creativity into question.

Your Blog Bores the Arse Off Me

Chosen by Ben Greenwood

The title might be boring, and the picture may well be of the most boring man in the world, but some people think the post is anything but. Your Blog Bores the Arse Off Me is an open letter to those people who think reading should be a chore. And some of them didn’t like it:

This is the type of mindless drivel that makes me want to comment.

I’m tired of all the zero class, overly sensitive, elementary students hoisting their crap out into the world.

Good luck selling your garbage to the next brown nosing “arse” kisser.

Jack “Anon”

Key Lesson: You’ve got to engage with your readers. Otherwise, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

So You Want to be a Writer?

Chosen by – @TheEword

This line ruffled a few feathers...

The “So You Want to be a Writer” flowchart is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to make money via the medium of writing. Even Reddit quite liked it. By which I mean they didn’t downvote it into oblivion. Which is something.

Key Lesson: There’s more to writing than just copy.

The Five People You Meet in Online Marketing Hell

Chosen by Mithul Mistry and many others.

Unfortunately, "The Five People You Meet In Hull" bombed.

Be far the most suggested post on this list. Apparently the murky world of teenage developers, forum-dwelling “gurus”, shady SEOs and overseas content development specialists is something we can all relate to. And besides, we’ve all met far more than just Five People in Online Marketing Hell.

Key Lesson: Not everyone involved in the online marketing field is what they seem. Look out for people who just can’t deliver on their promises.

Are You Guilty of a Crime Against Marketing?

Chosen by Me.

My first and best foray into crowdsourcing was published on July 24th 2009 – meaning hardly anyone’s ever read it. So you should rectify that at some point. Mainly because it’s unique among my earlier posts by virtue of making coherent sense. So go on, skip the birthday presents and find out whether you’re Guilty of a Crime Against Marketing.

Key Lesson: Don’t try crowdsourcing until you’ve got a crowd…


There you have it. The five very best posts according to you. But if there’s something you think has been unfairly overlooked – or something you’d like Unmemorable Title to cover in the next two years, let me know in the comments section.

Thanks for your support over the last two years. It’s been fun.

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