The FirstFound Blog - Coming Very Soon

The FirstFound Blog - Coming Very Soon

It might be the case that I drop the SEO from Unmemorable Title and focus on copywriting, as I’ve been appointed editor of The FirstFound Blog.

It’s launching some time this week, and there’s actually a decent spread of writers there. It’s a bit of an unknown quantity on the blog front, as the only other regular blogger on the list is currently Roger Davies (of The Manchester SEO Blog) who will be handling the SEO and web development side of things. That said, there’s a lot of experience there – and blogging’s very much “learn by doing”.

Obviously, it’s going to be a bit more corporate and less abrasive than UT is, but it’s worth adding to your RSS readers just for the sheer scope of the thing. So far it’s pencilled in to cover SEO, web design, web development, photography, movies, sport and PPC, so there should well be something there for everyone.

From a writing point of view, I’m actually delighted to have the chance to work on this – mainly because it’s the first time since I’ve been at FirstFound that I’ve been allowed to write in my own style. Previously I’ve been hidebound by forced adherence to our “house style” – which was developed by a freelancer and comes across as oh so slightly smug.

Of course, if The FirstFound Blog falls flat on its face, don’t let it influence your opinions of me or this fine piece of work!

If you’re sick of Andy selling out and whoring his employer’s website for the second time in a month, read these older posts instead:

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Alternatively, follow him on Twitter and let him know he’s a corporate shill.

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