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What Being a Leeds United Fan Can Teach You About Writing

What Being a Leeds United Fan Can Teach You About Writing

Football and writing, two of my favourite things. Amongst the angst, the heartbreak and the freezing cold Tuesday night defeats at Elland Road I've learnt stuff. Things that you won't pick up at Old Trafford. Because there are some lessons that only Leeds United can teach.
Have Books Influenced Your Writing Style?

Have Books Influenced Your Writing Style?

Sometimes, there's nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book. And a good book can really influence the way that you write.

Can You Afford To Use These Strapline and Headline Cliches?

Straplines. Some people are brilliant at them. They just leap out of bed thinking "Where do you want to go today? Premier Inn? Everything's premier but the price. Just do it! I'm lovin' it." I am not one of those people.

Blogging About Blogging – A Horror Story

Someone wants to make money blogging. So they write a blog about how they think they can make money blogging. The next person latches on, swallows down the original idea and deposits a version onto their blog, drained of even more charm, originality and quality....

Blog Promotion Tips for the Tight-fisted

The country's broke. We can't afford to pay policemen, teachers, dinnerladies or hedgehog sanctuary workers. Britain is so skint that everyone's being asked to melt down their garden gates to make new coinage.

The Copywriter’s Ten Commandments

Ok, this isn't Mount Sinai, and I'm no Moses, but I've spent a while with my giant stone tablets and trusty chisel. The results were poorly carved, to say the least, so I decided that a blog post would be a much more efficient way to pass down the ten commandments of the copywriter

The Golden Rule of Blogging

“Speak to your audience. Give your readers what they want. Keep it brief. Rule of three…” Yeah. Enlightening. You’ve heard all of that before, haven’t you? Hundreds of times. The closely guarded secrets of the superstar bloggers. Secrets so secretive, that you read them thirty times a week on sixteen different blogs. Well if you’re...

Copywriters – Artists or Scientists?

Are copywriters artists, or are they scientists? And is there really a fundamental division between the beauty of the copywriter and the usefulness of the SEO content creator?

You Really Shouldn’t Be Blogging

Everyone's telling you that you should be blogging. Well they're wrong. That's right. You really shouldn't be blogging. Read on to find out why.

The Secret That’ll Get Your Clients to Read to the End

The longer you rattle on about a product or service, the more chance you have of the client getting bored. Be brief and focussed – that way you can be sure the reader is going to carry on to the end. Kick off with an intriguing headline. Then outline the issue your product or service...

Is Your Professional Voice Boring?

This is Jim. Jim is a professional musician. Jim is exciting, innovative and all sorts of other interesting superlatives. Jim isn’t boring. So if a professional isn’t a boring person, why is your professional copy boring?

Should You Pay Your Copywriter by the Word?

Twitter has been all aflutter this weekend, with a brand new “copywriting agency” following all and sundry. They’ve been promising the untold riches of £0.02 per word and have met with responses ranging from the amusing to the incredulous. @SarahCopywriter £0.04 per word! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, (breath) ha, ha, ha, ha,...