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Copywriting – An Outdated Concept?

Last week, I was lucky enough to write the first ever guest post on the blog over at SERPd (a new competitor to Sphinn). I tackled a particular bugbear of mine, the fact that copywriting is overlooked as an essential SEO skill. Despite generally positive feedback, one comment stopped me dead in my tracks: “Copywriting...

Blog Promotion Tips for the Tight-fisted

The country's broke. We can't afford to pay policemen, teachers, dinnerladies or hedgehog sanctuary workers. Britain is so skint that everyone's being asked to melt down their garden gates to make new coinage.

Twadges You Don’t Want to Earn

Anyone who reads Econsultancy might well have noticed a recent post about a startup called Twadges. The firm promises to provide Twitter users with Foursquare style badges to mark any notable “achievements” in a user’s lifetime. Now I don’t know which badges they will be offering, but I’ve had a few ideas. And here’s a...

Four Things to Celebrate This Manchester Day

Most of you will be aware that today is Father’s Day (if not, I advise making a quick apologetic phone call before reading on), but it’s been brought to my attention that 20/6/10 marks the first ever “Manchester Day” As I’m always one for marking ridiculous holidays that’ve been made up by tourist boards and...

Are you Tweeting Yourself Out of a Dinner Party Invite?

Chances are that you're going to fit into at least one of these pigeonholes. Not all will ruin your chances of making everyone's dinner party list, but they will limit the number of people who want to follow you.

Follow Friday – The Copywriters You Should Be Following on Twitter

I'll take it as read that everyone here is following me on Twitter at @Mr603 (and if not, why not?), but there may be one or two copywriting experts you should be following that have somehow slipped the net.

Android Apps I Just Couldn’t Live Without

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that I’m using my mobile phone (HTC Hero, if you care) more for surfing the internet than I do for making calls and sending texts. This is either representative of a shift in the way people use the internet, or just conclusive proof that I don’t have many...

SEO in 2010 – A Five Step Primer

Get up to speed with what you need to know if you're planning on doing any SEO in 2010. These five steps won't teach you everything you'll need to know, but they'll help you get started.

Five Wildly Inaccurate Social Media Predictions for 2010

Lock your doors and windows before Google's Thought Police arrest your children. Be quiet though - don't forget to mute the notification sounds on your Twitter App.

ReTweeting – A Handy Guide (for the benefit of Lisa Barone)

Download Tweetdeck. Use Tweetdeck's RT function. Only use for follower/list/account maintenance because frankly, it's not a good site.

Meet Your New Online Marketing Role Model

For months, I've been looking for an example to show to my clients that demonstrates how the quick and the small have the advantage over lumbering powerhouses when it comes to online marketing. I think I've found him. He's got 2,159 followers on Twitter, is acknowledge as one of the world's leaders in his field and...

The Problem With Social Media? You’re Doing It Wrong.

The above may seem like a sweeping statement, but the more social media comes into the mainstream, the more the original reasons we signed up become lost.