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Introducing the ALL NEW Unmemorable Title Team

Introducing the ALL NEW Unmemorable Title Team

Well, after nearly two years and 111 posts, I've decided that as of the start of April Unmemorable Title can no longer continue as a one man band. So I'm delighted to unveil the ALL NEW Unmemorable Title Team!
SEO TLC – Giving Your Website a Valentine’s Gift

SEO TLC – Giving Your Website a Valentine’s Gift

It's Valentine's Day. But when it comes to your website, a bunch of roses and some petrol station chocolates won't get you far. No, if you want to show your site some love, you'll need to swap Tender Loving Care for Search Engine Optimisation.

Copywriting – An Outdated Concept?

Last week, I was lucky enough to write the first ever guest post on the blog over at SERPd (a new competitor to Sphinn). I tackled a particular bugbear of mine, the fact that copywriting is overlooked as an essential SEO skill. Despite generally positive feedback, one comment stopped me dead in my tracks: “Copywriting...

Blog Promotion Tips for the Tight-fisted

The country's broke. We can't afford to pay policemen, teachers, dinnerladies or hedgehog sanctuary workers. Britain is so skint that everyone's being asked to melt down their garden gates to make new coinage.

Google Instant is the Death of…

It’s been a little over 24 hours, and Google Instant fear has swept the globe like a biblical plague. Far from just showing you results without you needing to hit search, this diabolical system has a 100% fatality rate for pretty much anything you care to mention. Are you at risk from this destroyer of...

Four Things to Celebrate This Manchester Day

Most of you will be aware that today is Father’s Day (if not, I advise making a quick apologetic phone call before reading on), but it’s been brought to my attention that 20/6/10 marks the first ever “Manchester Day” As I’m always one for marking ridiculous holidays that’ve been made up by tourist boards and...

Guest Post: No Running, No Diving and No Heavy Linking

Being offered a guest post can be a confusing situation. It’s like going into someone’s home for the first time; you’re not quite sure about the house etiquette. Should I take my shoes off in the hall? Where do I put my coat? Which chair should I sit in? With social etiquette very much in...

Copywriters – Artists or Scientists?

Are copywriters artists, or are they scientists? And is there really a fundamental division between the beauty of the copywriter and the usefulness of the SEO content creator?

You Really Shouldn’t Be Blogging

Everyone's telling you that you should be blogging. Well they're wrong. That's right. You really shouldn't be blogging. Read on to find out why.

Laura Wilde Bings and Decides

You can’t have missed Microsoft’s media offensive. Magazines, TV Adverts and Xbox Live are singing the praises of Bing – the search engine successor to MSN Live Search. From every street corner and every television set, they’re calling upon the people to Bing and Decide. What Microsoft hope is that people will try Bing once...

SEO in 2010 – A Five Step Primer

Get up to speed with what you need to know if you're planning on doing any SEO in 2010. These five steps won't teach you everything you'll need to know, but they'll help you get started.

Meet Your New Online Marketing Role Model

For months, I've been looking for an example to show to my clients that demonstrates how the quick and the small have the advantage over lumbering powerhouses when it comes to online marketing. I think I've found him. He's got 2,159 followers on Twitter, is acknowledge as one of the world's leaders in his field and...