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Laura Wilde Bings and Decides

You can’t have missed Microsoft’s media offensive. Magazines, TV Adverts and Xbox Live are singing the praises of Bing – the search engine successor to MSN Live Search. From every street corner and every television set, they’re calling upon the people to Bing and Decide. What Microsoft hope is that people will try Bing once...

And Another Thing… A Review of Eoin Colfer’s Sixth Installment in the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy

While we're getting all this off our chests, And Another Thing doesn't suffer greatly through not being written by Douglas Adams. It does have its weaknesses, but they are far outweighed by Eoin Colfer's strengths. This is a well-written and tightly plotted book.

First Impressions of Meme – Yahoo’s answer to Twitter

I've been examining Yahoo's Meme - yet another jumper on Twitter's runaway bandwagon. I've not had time to form a full opinion yet, but I'll share some of my initial impressions.