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Can You Afford To Use These Strapline and Headline Cliches?

Straplines. Some people are brilliant at them. They just leap out of bed thinking "Where do you want to go today? Premier Inn? Everything's premier but the price. Just do it! I'm lovin' it." I am not one of those people.

The Best Paragraph You’ll Read This Year

I know I’ve taken time here to mock people like PETA, the Daily Mail and really bad PR companies, but their crimes against marketing and writing pale in comparison to something I saw this morning. A piece of copy so confusing, so overwrought and so terrible, that professionals don’t even know what it means. Ladies...

The Best (and Worst) Marketing Ploys of the Noughties

The most tragic thing about the Sea Kittens campaign is that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall showed campaigners how to make people think about where their food comes from with his anti-battery chicken crusade. Wouldn't farmed salmon swimming in their own shit have made a more effective image than this?
Five Copywriting Mistakes To Infuriate Readers

Five Copywriting Mistakes To Infuriate Readers

Do blunders make your blood boil, or do you sympathise with the slipups of simpletons? Either way, you'll be familiar with these five copy mistakes

Introducing The World’s Worst Copywriters

  It’s said that copywriters have to do with the written word what good salespeople do verbally. Most of the time we work like car salespeople – someone will wander into our website or showroom, wondering if they should part with their hard-earned cash. We’ll then use our tricks, techniques and wiles to worm our...

How Not to Deal With Clients – The Rafa Benitez Method

Do you know what Rafa Benitez should have said after watching his title chasing Liverpool side sink to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of the mediocre Tottenham Hotspur? The magic words that would have let him walk away from a potentially embarassing defeat with his head held high?