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The Manchester Blog Awards are Here Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again – The Manchester Blog Awards are here and there’s less than 24 hours before voting closes. Unfortunately, I’ve not had a chance to go over all of the nominations this year (unlike the 2009 Manchester Blog Awards), but there’s one blog in particular that I think...

Four Things to Celebrate This Manchester Day

Most of you will be aware that today is Father’s Day (if not, I advise making a quick apologetic phone call before reading on), but it’s been brought to my attention that 20/6/10 marks the first ever “Manchester Day” As I’m always one for marking ridiculous holidays that’ve been made up by tourist boards and...

The Manchester Blog Awards Shortlist Announced

My nomination for best writing on a blog was My Shitty Twenties, the blog of a single mother, writer, librarian and travel consultant who's probably the most engaging blogger within a thirty mile radius.