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Are The Evils of Modern Football Ruining Your Blog?

Tim Lovejoy. The archetypical modern football fan. Doesn't understand the game, doesn't go to matches, doesn't have the foggiest idea what the words burbling out of his smug face actually mean.

Twadges You Don’t Want to Earn

Anyone who reads Econsultancy might well have noticed a recent post about a startup called Twadges. The firm promises to provide Twitter users with Foursquare style badges to mark any notable “achievements” in a user’s lifetime. Now I don’t know which badges they will be offering, but I’ve had a few ideas. And here’s a...

How Not to Get a Comment Approved

I’m fine with people leaving comments here because they want a link, so long as they contribute to the conversation. However, if you’re just copy and pasting from a generic template, you’re not getting added. If you copy and paste in your multiple choice template and forget to delete as applicable, you won’t get a...

The Writing Secrets Conspiracy Theorists Don’t Want You To Know

Make sure you read this quickly. I'm not sure how long it'll stay up before the CIA, Illuminati and those Lizard Men that David Icke dribbles about will find this and shut it down. The information I have to share with you is so sensitive, I dare not put it on the front page of my...

BT Homehub 2.0 Problems – A Tragedy in One Part

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ReTweeting – A Handy Guide (for the benefit of Lisa Barone)

Download Tweetdeck. Use Tweetdeck's RT function. Only use for follower/list/account maintenance because frankly, it's not a good site.

The Problem With Social Media? You’re Doing It Wrong.

The above may seem like a sweeping statement, but the more social media comes into the mainstream, the more the original reasons we signed up become lost.

Trial by Twitter – Jan Moir Feels the Brunt of a Social Media Backlash

With a veritable hate-storm brewing, it's not going to be long before other daily papers pick up on Jan Moir's ranting and the Twitter backlash. When this goes mainstream, could the threat of bad publicity put off advertisers?

Dr Frankenstein’s Top Five Social Media Mashups

Having read Kieron Hughes’ article on Twitter vs Facebook on his SEO blog (and discussing mashups with Roger Davies this morning), I’ve been thinking about what could be gained from combining different social media sites. Read on for a veritable Frankenstein’s laboratory of crimes agains the Internet.

The Guardian’s Guide to Spotting Racism in Adverts – Look for Meerkats

I'm from Salford. I pronounce market as "mar-ki'." My significant other is from Hale Barns and pronounces market as "marr-kit". That's about 15 miles. Now I'm no expert on Eastern European pronunciation, but I think that pronunciation will be as markedly different in Talin and Astana as it is in Brussels and Lisbon.

Introducing The World’s Worst Copywriters

  It’s said that copywriters have to do with the written word what good salespeople do verbally. Most of the time we work like car salespeople – someone will wander into our website or showroom, wondering if they should part with their hard-earned cash. We’ll then use our tricks, techniques and wiles to worm our...

The Most Ridiculous Forum Comment Ever

From a conversation about the most important traits for a copywriter to have, comes this nugget of wisdom from a Canadian gent calling himself “500ml”: “so basically to summarize: copywriters rape people with words” That’s a statement so far away from any recognisable reality that it needs saying again. This person thinks that copywriters rape...