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How Not to Get a Comment Approved

I’m fine with people leaving comments here because they want a link, so long as they contribute to the conversation. However, if you’re just copy and pasting from a generic template, you’re not getting added. If you copy and paste in your multiple choice template and forget to delete as applicable, you won’t get a...

You Really Shouldn’t Be Blogging

Everyone's telling you that you should be blogging. Well they're wrong. That's right. You really shouldn't be blogging. Read on to find out why.

Can You Afford to Work For Free?

FM Britain has shown me that if you ever want to make money, you can't afford to work for free.

The Secret That’ll Get Your Clients to Read to the End

The longer you rattle on about a product or service, the more chance you have of the client getting bored. Be brief and focussed – that way you can be sure the reader is going to carry on to the end. Kick off with an intriguing headline. Then outline the issue your product or service...

The Writing Secrets Conspiracy Theorists Don’t Want You To Know

Make sure you read this quickly. I'm not sure how long it'll stay up before the CIA, Illuminati and those Lizard Men that David Icke dribbles about will find this and shut it down. The information I have to share with you is so sensitive, I dare not put it on the front page of my...

Your Blog Bores the Arse Off Me

Hi there. You don’t know me too well, but maybe you should. I’m your audience.  I’m the guy who subscribes to your blog via RSS, retweets your posts and leaves you the odd comment. But let me tell you a secret. I’m doing those things more out of habit at the moment. Why? Because your...

ReTweeting – A Handy Guide (for the benefit of Lisa Barone)

Download Tweetdeck. Use Tweetdeck's RT function. Only use for follower/list/account maintenance because frankly, it's not a good site.

Five Clichés to Create Quick Content

I know it's good form to avoid clichés wherever possible, but we've all had days when we know we need to pick up a pen or settle in at the keyboard and just don't feel creative. Luckily, bloggers the world over have developed cunning methods that allow them to put out a few hundred words...

The FirstFound Blog Launches Today

It might be the case that I drop the SEO from Unmemorable Title and focus on copywriting, as I've been appointed editor of The FirstFound Blog.

The Manchester Blog Awards Shortlist Announced

My nomination for best writing on a blog was My Shitty Twenties, the blog of a single mother, writer, librarian and travel consultant who's probably the most engaging blogger within a thirty mile radius.

Dr Frankenstein’s Top Five Social Media Mashups

Having read Kieron Hughes’ article on Twitter vs Facebook on his SEO blog (and discussing mashups with Roger Davies this morning), I’ve been thinking about what could be gained from combining different social media sites. Read on for a veritable Frankenstein’s laboratory of crimes agains the Internet.

The Essential Writer’s Reading List

Am I working on cultivating a network of like-minded bloggers, and supporting their work as much as I hope they’ll support mine? The answer, it seems, is yes.