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What Being a Leeds United Fan Can Teach You About Writing

What Being a Leeds United Fan Can Teach You About Writing

Football and writing, two of my favourite things. Amongst the angst, the heartbreak and the freezing cold Tuesday night defeats at Elland Road I've learnt stuff. Things that you won't pick up at Old Trafford. Because there are some lessons that only Leeds United can teach.
Welcome to 2011 - Happy New Year from Unmemorable Title

Welcome to 2011 – Happy New Year from Unmemorable Title

Is it 2011 already? Seems like just yesterday that we'd started 2010 with the very best of intentions. So while you shake off that January 1st headache, read up on some of the best bits from the last 12 months...
Unmemorable Title - Now 100% Shinier

Unmemorable Title – Now 100% Shinier

Unmemorable Title - fresher, shinier and less horribly ugly than before. And to celebrate, Andy's unleashed a cavalcade of cliches to upset and dismay you.

Blogging About Blogging – A Horror Story

Someone wants to make money blogging. So they write a blog about how they think they can make money blogging. The next person latches on, swallows down the original idea and deposits a version onto their blog, drained of even more charm, originality and quality....

The Manchester Blog Awards are Here Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again – The Manchester Blog Awards are here and there’s less than 24 hours before voting closes. Unfortunately, I’ve not had a chance to go over all of the nominations this year (unlike the 2009 Manchester Blog Awards), but there’s one blog in particular that I think...

Blog Promotion Tips for the Tight-fisted

The country's broke. We can't afford to pay policemen, teachers, dinnerladies or hedgehog sanctuary workers. Britain is so skint that everyone's being asked to melt down their garden gates to make new coinage.

Are The Evils of Modern Football Ruining Your Blog?

Tim Lovejoy. The archetypical modern football fan. Doesn't understand the game, doesn't go to matches, doesn't have the foggiest idea what the words burbling out of his smug face actually mean.

How Long Does a Blog Post Need to Be?

Does a blog post need to be thousands of words long, pre-empting every potential query?

The Golden Rule of Blogging

“Speak to your audience. Give your readers what they want. Keep it brief. Rule of three…” Yeah. Enlightening. You’ve heard all of that before, haven’t you? Hundreds of times. The closely guarded secrets of the superstar bloggers. Secrets so secretive, that you read them thirty times a week on sixteen different blogs. Well if you’re...

Five Tweets That Teach You How to be a Writer

You can’t say much in a Tweet. 140 characters won’t change the world. But they might change the way you think. Just five Tweets could be enough to show you how to be a writer.

Four Things to Celebrate This Manchester Day

Most of you will be aware that today is Father’s Day (if not, I advise making a quick apologetic phone call before reading on), but it’s been brought to my attention that 20/6/10 marks the first ever “Manchester Day” As I’m always one for marking ridiculous holidays that’ve been made up by tourist boards and...

Guest Post: No Running, No Diving and No Heavy Linking

Being offered a guest post can be a confusing situation. It’s like going into someone’s home for the first time; you’re not quite sure about the house etiquette. Should I take my shoes off in the hall? Where do I put my coat? Which chair should I sit in? With social etiquette very much in...