Don't say "fuck" unless you really fucking want to

It's a rule I try to stick to.

A confession. I swear loads. I swear at the football, I swear when Piers Morgan appears on the TV, and I swear when my cat wakes me up by knocking books onto the floor.

But I don’t swear in my copy. Because it’s a really shit idea.

Swearing – Not Edgy Enough to Sell

I’ve spoken to people who like to drop the odd expletive into their copy for edgy brands and products that target a younger audience.

What’s the point?

Swearing isn’t cool. It’s not uncool. It’s not even a way of making a statement for lots of people. It’s just verbal filler.
Very few people see the word ‘twat‘ in a piece of copy and think “wow. This really speaks to me.”

Swearing doesn’t even register with the target audience.

Swearing Registers With The Wrong People

Swearing only really registers with the sort of righteous dickheads who get all het up about someone dropping the F-bomb.

A stray ‘bastard’ will have them up in arms complaining, upsetting your client. So why bother swearing when the only people who react aren’t going to buy anyway?

What do you think? Does swearing sell? Or does it just make you a wanker?

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