Window to the soul, ticket to success - it's all the same.

The following is a 200 word post inspired by a discussion with @TomCopy about self-promotion, blogging and ego.

Too many people think self-promotion is a bad thing. That you shouldn’t ever submit your own content, that you should spend your days promoting other people’s work, that the world will do you a favour.

They think that blogging isn’t about your ego.

They’re wrong.

Stop Pretending – Your Blog is All About Your Ego

If you didn’t honestly think that you were clever/experienced/fascinating enough for people to learn from, you wouldn’t be blogging. So stop pretending you’re doing this for charity. And start embracing your ego.

Why Your Ego is Good for your Blog

Creating Great Content – Your ego drives you to be the best. Which means you’re constantly trying to prove yourself. How? By creating great content.

Spreading the Word – The world doesn’t owe you a favour. If you’re not egotistical enough to promote your own work, nobody else will.

Creating Authority – The number one tip for new bloggers is to write with authority. And who’s more authoritative than someone who can convince you that they know it all?

So, what do you think? Should we all embrace our egos, or is it time for bloggers to show a little humility? Please, share your thoughts.

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