Would you trust these teachers?

January 2012 has seen a glut of posts claiming that correct spelling just isn’t that important when you’re writing for the web. That “sloppy mechanics” will actually enhance the work you’re pumping out on your blog.

[Good writers fail online] because they’re style is too stiff.

This is absolute bollocks.

Good Spelling Matters

If you’re writing a blog, then you’re attempting to set yourself up as a credible authority in your field. You need to present yourself as a professional, conscientious writer that takes the time to ensure that their work is coherent, competent and well-crafted.

Spelling and grammar mistakes destroy your credibility.

By portraying yourself as the sort of person who can’t be mithered to proof-read their work, you’re not coming across as professional. You’re coming across as lazy and lax.

When a reader sees a blog post packed full of errors, they don’t see an enhanced piece. They see a writer who’s not motivated enough to cast a cursory glance back over their work. And if a writer can’t be bothered checking spellings, can they be bothered checking facts?

Poor spelling and grammar undermines your credibility.

If you don’t want to be taken seriously, why are you blogging?

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