Having read Kieron Hughes’ article on Twitter vs Facebook on his SEO blog (and discussing mashups with Roger Davies this morning), I’ve been thinking about what could be gained from combining different social media sites.

Read on for a veritable Frankenstein’s laboratory of crimes agains the Internet.

Digg + LiveJournal = DiggJournal

Angsty teenagers rank the efforts of their peers in order to showcase the very best Twilight slash fanfiction, breakup stories and tales of “like, why I’m just so, like creative?”.

LinkedIn + StumbleUpon = StumbledIn

Egotistical careerists hammer a button that takes them to random websites that they can plaster with back-patting blurb, factually-disputable CVs and self-aggrandising anecdotes about how they’ll be MD of OmniCorp by the time you read this.

Blogger + Friends Reunited = Bloggers Reunited

Ever wondered what happened to the people that’d post random platitudes on your blog just for the backlink? Puzzling over the disappearance of NightJack? Wondering how much Belle Du Jour’s charging this week? Head over to Bloggers Reunited – the Internet’s least financially viable social networking site!

Facebook + Flickr = Flickrbook

With Flickrbook, your friends can upload hundreds of marginally different embarrassing photographs to their profile. The real fun comes when you print them off, staple them together and flick through the pages. Yes, you too can have your own flickbook showing that guy from high school covering his shoes in tequila vomit!

Twitter + YouTube = YouTwit

A video-sharing website where every video is deluged with >140 character posts of varying levels of inanity, usually devolving into bickering and badly-spelled sniping. Wait. What?

Can you do better? Would MyFace be a better proposition than YouTwit? Share your ideas in the comments section!

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