I’ve seen a fair few blogs and tweets in the past week complaining that having a Twitter account or submitting a site to Sphinn hasn’t lead to huge amounts of traffic.

“I tweet about my blog, nobody’s commented! Then I put it on Sphinn, and nobody Sphunn it! Why isn’t this working?”

The answer to this social media problemĀ couldn’t be any simpler.

Are you using social media to be social? If the answer’s no, then luckily this very short blog means you’ve got a few minutes free. Get out there and socialise:

  • Ask your Twitter followers how they are – fire up a few @replies or direct messages to see what they’ve got in the pipeline.
  • Digg, Sphinn or Stumble someone else’s work for once.
  • Leave some blog comments.
  • Get on some niche forums and start making friends.

Go on. What are you waiting for?

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