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It’s Valentine’s Day. A time for handing out some TLC to those you love. But when it comes to your website, a bunch of roses and some petrol station chocolates won’t get you far. No, if you want to show your site some love, you’ll need to swap Tender Loving Care for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO TLC – How to Give Your Website a Valentine’s Day Gift

Step One – Avoid the W(h)ine

A glass of wine with your lover might loosen inhibitions and make for a romantic night, but sitting and whining about your lack of search engine traffic is a turn off. Even worse, it won’t get you anywhere.

So don’t crack open that whine. Bottle it up, store it away, and get down to business with a Valentine’s SEO Day to remember.

Step Two – Swap the Gushing Cards for Links

You’re not in high school any more. It doesn’t matter how many cards you get, signed with enigmatic question marks in your mother’s handwriting.

No, what matters now are links. And if they’re all from your mother, it’s going to make very little difference to your rankings. Now’s the time to be a lothario. Grab that little black book, and flick through all the websites that you’ve had liaisons, dalliances or flings with. And drop them a line, asking for a link, to prove how much you meant to them.

Step Three – Write a Love Poem to the Search Engines

Oh Google. You really shouldn't have...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Do me a favour Google,
Send some traffic through!

Unfortunately, a love poem’s probably not going to get you far with the search engines. But they do like to see a certain type of prose on your site. So why not brush up on your SEO Copywriting (or get in touch with an SEO Copywriter)?

Make sure those magic key words are scattered through your text like rose petals across a Travelodge bed, and proclaim your love for your ranking terms proudly from your page titles.

Step 4 – Don’t Discount Online Dating

I’m not suggesting that you sign your website up to Match or Plenty of Fish. But like a desperate singleton looking for attention, there are ways of putting your website on the market.

Social bookmarking sites are the equivalent of your online dating profile. You get a link (admittedly it carries little to no weight with the search engines), relevant traffic, and a pedestal to show off your goods. And, unlike online dating, you’re 99% certain not to get an STD or pick up a stalker.

Step 5 – The ‘C’ Word

Just like with your partner, romancing your website with SEO once a year won’t get you anywhere.  What you need is commitment. You need to commit to showing your website SEO love on a regular basis. So set a date night, arrange a few long weekend breaks, or just pay for someone else to give your site some much needed attention.

And who knows, all this SEO lovin’ could lead to the pitter-patter of millions of tiny feet as the traffic rolls into your site!

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