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Aren’t they just magical and perfect?

Friday won’t just be a Bank Holiday. Friday’s going to be a wonderful day. It’s going to be unique, special and the ceremony of Kate Middleton’s dreams. Yes, our very own new Queen of Hearts has bagged herself a Prince Charming, and the whole thing’s going to be just magical.

Sound familiar? It should. That’s because every single wedding dressmaker, caterer, venue and organiser uses that exact same reel of clichés when discussing the biggest day of your life.

Royal Wedding Bingo – A Fun Game For All The Family!

I asked a handful of copywriters on Twitter what they thought the most overused words in wedding copy were, and they didn’t disappoint. Thanks to their suggestions, some research on leading bridal and wedding sites, and a few left-field inclusions from my own imagination, I’ve put together some Royal Wedding Bingo cards for your enjoyment.

Royal Wedding Bingo – How To Play

  1. Print out your Royal Wedding Bingo cards, and find at least one other friend
  2. Tune in to The Royal Wedding on any major news channel or broadcast (drinking may help dull the pain)
  3. Every time a Royal Wedding Cliché is uttered, cross it off your Royal Wedding Bingo Card (and celebrate with a drink)
  4. The winner is the first person to cross off a full horizontal or vertical line (reward yourself by changing the channel)


If you cross off everything on your card, which would require a diplomatic incident triggered by Colonel Gaddafi’s ludicrous hat and a Royal nip-slip, you win the SUPER ROYAL WEDDING BINGO BONUS – the first person to upload a picture of their full correctly completed Royal Bingo Card to the Unmemorable Title Facebook Group wins a drink of their choice*!

So, go forth, play the game and have huge amounts of fun! And enjoy the extra day’s holiday – you’ve earned it.

Oh – don’t forget to share your least favourite wedding copy clichés in the comments section below.

Thanks to the following people for their suggestions – Larner Caleb, Craig Wright (Stray Goat Copywriting), Jamie Graham (Ocean Copy)

No thanks to Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton, who’ve forced us to reschedule our own wedding to avoid pulling focus and embarrassing the happy couple when crowds line the streets at our ceremony, leaving them to play to an audience of footmen and security services.

*Drink of your choice must be either Mellow Birds or PG Tips. Milk and sugar won’t be provided.

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