Given that Lisa Barone’s doom-laden hyperbole has spread through Twitter faster than a case of the clap, you may well have read that Twitter’s New ReTweet Feature Sucks.

Apparently, the new RT button (that you don’t have to use and have survived without for the past year or so) is the harbinger of the apocalypse. That’s right. War, Death, Famine and Poor ReTweet Functionality are upon us, and the end of days is here.

You’ll suffer the agony of seeing unfamiliar avatars, be rendered speechless by your inability to add “LOLZ” to a Quick ReTweet and all sorts of other hideousness that I couldn’t be mithered reading a second time.

Luckily for Lisa, I’ve done about 45 seconds research on the subject, and have come up with a workaround that subverts the limits of the new button. You see, the RT button isn’t compulsory. So what you need to do is this:

Step One – Identify Something You Want to ReTweet

Step OneStep Two – Select the Tweet, right click, and select the copy function (or use CTRL+C. It’s the same, but less visually interesting)

Step TwoStep Three – Go to the text box, hit CTRL+V, add your commentary and hit “Update”

Step 3

Step Four – Pat yourself on the back for not kowtowing to the Twitter man and his added functionality, you anarchist rebel you.

Step 4

You should pick this up in no time, because it’s what you’ve been doing before they added the horror button.

But wait! There’s one other way to beat the system!


Super Bonus Workaround!

Go to Google. Type in Tweetdeck. Go to the Tweetdeck site. Download Tweetdeck. Use Tweetdeck’s RT function. Only use for follower/list/account maintenance because frankly, it’s not a good site.

I hope this helps all you poor bewildered little lambs. If you want to practise, follow @Mr603 on Twitter and RT some of my articles.

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