No Entry, Authorised Personnel Only

This means you, SEO bloggers

For the last few years, Unmemorable Title has had an open door policy on guest posts. Anyone with a great guest post idea has been free to drop me an email with their ideas, so that they can publish an article on my inexplicably popular website.

In that time, I’ve been deluged with thousands of requests. And as long time readers will know, I’ve still only published a handful of guest posts. So I’ve decided to draw a line under this and move on.

I’m no longer accepting guest posts.

Why Unmemorable Title is now a guest post free zone

It’s no exaggeration to say that I receive (what pass for) pitches every single day – yet the only guest posts I’ve ever published are from people I know and respect, like Tom Mason and Tom Albrighton.

If you’re one of the people who’ve submitted post ideas in the past, you’re probably wondering why that is. Well read on, and you’ll find out. Because it’ll explain why you’ve not only failed to get a guest slot, but you’ve ruined it for everyone else in the process.

1: You’re throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks

There’s an art to writing a great guest post pitch. First, you need to look at the blogs in your niche. You need to find a site that you’re familiar with, come up with a unique topic that would appeal to that readership, and then put together a polite, competent email that grabs the attention of a named author at the site you’ve chosen.

That’s how to pitch. It’s time-consuming, it’s difficult and it’s effective. Unlike the scattergun emails I get.

“Dear webmaster you are good webmaster me am wishing to place content article on feeding habits of mum bloggers with ipad mini on you good website and interest SEO content.”

That’s not a pitch. Frankly, it’s shit. And it’s the deluge of shit sent my way every single day that’s forcing me to remove my open offer of a guest post slot. Well, that and the fact that you’ll only complain about your post six months down the line.

2: You’re complaining about it six months later

Mr Magoo, not Matt Cutts, honest

I’m not saying Matt Cutts is Mr Magoo. I’m just not not saying that.

The only email that pisses off a webmaster more than a foetid, dripping nappy of a guest post pitch is a follow-up email that goes a little like this:

“Attention webmaster you are bad webmaster we am demanding removal of all clients links that they asked for because of Google penalty you will be marked spam site by us use disavow tool unless you remove all links my client!”

Charming. As bad as the pitches are, the complaints are worse. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that if I let one of these crappy online marketing gurus have a guest post, then they’re going to panic every time Matt Cutts is hilariously unable to differentiate between a guest post and a paid link. Or a business partnership and a link wheel. Or a building site and a playground…

And that means more badly written emails coming my way. But my U-turn on guest posts isn’t motivated by my inbox. It’s motivated by you guys. Because you don’t deserve the guest posts I get pitched any more than you deserve a slap to the face.

3: It’s of no value to my readers

Here’s the thing. If you want to publish your content on my site (or any other site), you need to appeal to my readers. And the guest post spammers don’t do that.

I know that the new social media outreach tool for steel manufacturers that your PR company has built is the most exciting thing in your life, but my readers don’t care. And they need another “10 things i am learned about life from Google+” article like they need a boot to the buttocks.

It’s been months since I received even the merest hint of a pitch for an article that you lovely people would enjoy or learn from. So it’s time for me to close the door on the guest post pitch plankton.

So, no more guest posts then?

No more guest posts. It’s over. You’ve ruined it. I will no longer be accepting unsolicited guest posts from people I’ve never met, heard of or spoken to, that want to put a spammy article on my blog just for the backlinks.

That door is closed.

And if you’re a blogger with any sort of reputation to uphold, I suggest you do the same.


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