Photo by dcJohn

Photo by dcJohn

Well, New Year’s finally here, and with but a few hours left of this decade, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce my New Year’s Resolutions. Please feel free to disregard them, as they’ll inevitably be abandoned by the time my hangover clears some time next year.

Shed the (Word) Flab

Brevity is a virtue, and one that I just don’t have the hang of. Too often, my rambling posts top 800 words. No more! From tomorrow, I’ll be imposing a 600 word limit on my posts. Less filler, more incisive insights.

Less Procrastination

You all know what I mean. Less blogging when I should be working, less thumb-twiddling when I should be blogging and much less computer gaming when I should be doing anything else!

More Community Spirit

I don’t comment on enough blogs, or retweet enough of your wonderful wit and wisdom. In 2010, I’ll try and get more involved, especially with those of you kind enough to leave me comments, feedback and encouragement.

So, there you have it. My resolutions. And because it’s the end of the decade and we’re supposed to be all misty-eyed and retrospective, I’d like to share my two favourite bits of feedback from the last decade.

Not entirely historically accurate, but at least it’s well written. Perhaps you’d be better pursuing a career as a writer or satirist instead of becoming a historian?

Louise Fawn, my A-Level History Tutor

At least I’m funny. [He’s] just throwing shit around, hoping someone will notice.

Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media

Happy New Year everyone!

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