National Poetry Day – October 7th 2010

October 7th is apparently national poetry day. As such, I’d like to treat you all to a wonderful poem. But first, an absolutely terrible one: Today is National Poetry Day So I’m writing a blog post to say “My poems are turd So it would be absurd If I continued to write in this way.”...

Four Things to Celebrate This Manchester Day

Most of you will be aware that today is Father’s Day (if not, I advise making a quick apologetic phone call before reading on), but it’s been brought to my attention that 20/6/10 marks the first ever “Manchester Day” As I’m always one for marking ridiculous holidays that’ve been made up by tourist boards and...

On Apostrophes

Beware: The following clip contains slouching, terrible hair and a hint of mental ranting. For the FirstFound Newsletter, I was asked to record a New Year’s Resolution. It turned into a bit of a rant, and I may have been the only staff member to use a prop. It’s sound advice though. If you don’t...

Android Apps I Just Couldn’t Live Without

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that I’m using my mobile phone (HTC Hero, if you care) more for surfing the internet than I do for making calls and sending texts. This is either representative of a shift in the way people use the internet, or just conclusive proof that I don’t have many...

New Years Resolutions for 2010

Well, New Year’s finally here, and with but a few hours left of this decade, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce my New Year’s Resolutions. Please feel free to disregard them, as they’ll inevitably be abandoned by the time my hangover clears some time next year.

Happy Christmas

I didn’t want to do a cheesy Christmas piece (although I had to provide one here), so I’ll just leave you all with this picture of two kittens watching the snow falling. Happy Christmas, and thanks for reading. I promise I’ll have at least one entry worth reading up before the end of the year!...

BT Homehub 2.0 Problems – A Tragedy in One Part

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Let it Never Be Said…

… that I don’t admit when I’m talking out of my back passage. Within 30 seconds of me posting my Google logo rant this morning, my self-righteous finger pointing was proven to be self-important gasbaggery.

Google’s “Historical Importance Test” – Be A Muppet

So then, November 2009. 20 years since the Berlin wall came down and changed the course of European history. Not to forget Rememberance Day. Surely Google has marked these two days with logos befitting their cultural and historical importance?

And Another Thing… A Review of Eoin Colfer’s Sixth Installment in the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy

While we're getting all this off our chests, And Another Thing doesn't suffer greatly through not being written by Douglas Adams. It does have its weaknesses, but they are far outweighed by Eoin Colfer's strengths. This is a well-written and tightly plotted book.

The Most Ridiculous Forum Comment Ever

From a conversation about the most important traits for a copywriter to have, comes this nugget of wisdom from a Canadian gent calling himself “500ml”: “so basically to summarize: copywriters rape people with words” That’s a statement so far away from any recognisable reality that it needs saying again. This person thinks that copywriters rape...

UnmemorableTitle.co.uk Launched

Following on from Unmemorable Title's sometimes-viewed Wordpress blog, I've decided to launch UnmemorableTitle.co.uk.