Dr Frankenstein’s Top Five Social Media Mashups

Having read Kieron Hughes’ article on Twitter vs Facebook on his SEO blog (and discussing mashups with Roger Davies this morning), I’ve been thinking about what could be gained from combining different social media sites. Read on for a veritable Frankenstein’s laboratory of crimes agains the Internet.

The Guardian’s Guide to Spotting Racism in Adverts – Look for Meerkats

I'm from Salford. I pronounce market as "mar-ki'." My significant other is from Hale Barns and pronounces market as "marr-kit". That's about 15 miles. Now I'm no expert on Eastern European pronunciation, but I think that pronunciation will be as markedly different in Talin and Astana as it is in Brussels and Lisbon.

How You Too Can Make Your Products Self-Important, Behind-The-Times and Dull

Blackberry Loves U2. And on the face of it, it's easy to see why. In a world where the young and hip all have iPhones, the Blackberry seems to be the preserve of slightly stuffy middle-aged men whose best days are firmly behind them. So what better way to revitalise their brand than entering into a...

The Great Twitter Conspiracy

Thursday August 6th, 2009. A day that will forever live in infamy. Forces unknown launched a devastating Denial of Service attack on Twitter, forcing millions worldwide to resort to emails, telephones and doing some work. As of yet, the perpetrators of this crime are still unknown. Commenters across the web have pointed accusing fingers of blame...

Why Twitter’s Going To Produce Copywriters Who Will Rock Your Socks

We've all done it. Tweeted an innoccuous comment about being bored to tears by people writing blog entries telling us how Twitter will change the universe via some convoluted means or other. Next thing you know, some smart-alec copywriter's gone and put together a blog post about how terrible Twitter is for humanity.

From the Archive: What the Daily Mail can teach us about bad writing

When it comes to knowing just how left-wing politics have eroded the moral fibre of a nation, or when you really need to know which group of foreigners are out to ruin your life, you really can't beat the Daily Mail. But this showcase of demented drivelling has something to teach writers - just how...