Photo by Cesarastudillo

Photo by Cesarastudillo

… that I don’t admit when I’m talking out of my back passage. Within 30 seconds of me posting my Google logo rant this morning, my self-righteous finger pointing was proven to be self-important gasbaggery.

@MatthewHill: (link to Google logos page) Second logo down.

Google Berlin Wall Logo

Google Deutschland Berlin Wall Logo

Ah. That’d be a Berlin Wall Google logo. Admittedly it was only visible in Germany, but maybe the other Eastern Bloc countries genuinely care more about Muppets than the end of Communist rule.

Still, my indignation was only 50% codswallop. Why wasn’t Google UK wearing a poppy? Damnit, I have a nasty scratch along my elbow from poppy-pin based cackhandedness. They didn’t need to shed blood, but they should at least do something!


Google UK Armistice Day Logo

Google UK Armistice Day Logo

Something like that I suppose.

I’m going to stick to copywriting. Social commentary in regards to search engine giants is just making me look foolish.

When I’m not making a moron of myself, I do actually write some good blog articles! Take a look at my theory on Pyramid Posting, or this analysis of the WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS! meme.

Or just call me a pillock in the comments section.

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