See that? It's more complex than you think...

Well, we survived half term. The time when Twitter is swamped by schoolkids, contracts Beiber Fever and forces us all to give up on trending topics. As a news provider or trend monitor, Twitter takes a beating every time the schools are out. Why?

Because the kids know how to use #hashtags. And you don’t.

Fortunately though, any fool can use a hashtag properly (that’s how Beiber trends consistently), if they know what they’re doing. So follow these guidelines and together, we’ll keep JLS out of the trending topics. For good.

How to Use Hashtags

Make it Snappy: #followbackfamily is always going to work better than #pleasefollowme. It’s inclusive, has a nice bit of alliteration going for it, and it’s snappy.

Be Sparing: #this #doesn’t #ever #work #so #please #stop #doing #it. Two tags per Tweet, tops.

Check for Existing Tags: If people have embraced #lufc, you’ll get nowhere appending your footy-based Tweets with #leedsunited.

Don’t Get Too Attached: Remember when we all loved #FollowFriday? Well that’s now #FF. So be prepared to change.

So, how do you use hashtags? Leave your best hashtaggery insights in the comments section below, and we might just make it through the Christmas break.

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