Happy New Year

Should old acquaintance be forgot and all that. As it stands, I’m quite probably nursing a sore head somewhere in Manchester at the moment. However, I’ve taken the time to prepare this seasonal greeting for you all in advance.

2010 was a great year here at Unmemorable Title – with plenty of comments from you lovely lot. That being the case, I’d like to do a quick rundown of the most talked about posts from 2010, so you can relive some of your best bits.

Enjoy, and the very best wishes for 2011!


Is Google Automatically “Correcting” UK English Spellings?

In January, Google decided to declare war on the letter “u” and add the letter “zee” to places it shouldn’t have been. And nothing stirs an Englishman’s passions like a post he can argue about:

What a strupid [sic] post. “Z” spellings are British English – they are in the OED.




Should You Pay Your Copywriter By The Word?

Ahh, the calm before the storm. Passions ran high on this one – and everyone’s favourite low-cost content providers introduced themselves to Unmemorable Title.

‘Not everyone wants the highest standard, and not everyone can deliver the highest standard’

I still don’t understand this business premise. Who in their right mind decides that anything other than the highest standards are enough, let alone contracts out their second best wish list to an inexperienced writer they have never met and who knows nothing of their organisation?



Laura Wilde Bings and Decides

Strange how one of the most popular posts I’ve done in terms of traffic didn’t generate much debate. Until you realise that it’s nearly impossible to leave Google.

If you wanted to rid Google from your Internet life, you’d have a pretty hard task, and it just goes to show why they are still the market leader. Not only are they providing better and more accurate search results, but they own so many different assets, it’s difficult to get away from them.

Kieron Hughes


You Really Shouldn’t Be Blogging

It’s a real shame when someone figures out your secret blogging formula. When they then summarise your process in one sentence, it’s just embarrassing.

Trying to be controversial Andy, are you?

Toni Anicic


Are Copywriters Artists or Scientists?

The most subjective debate possible. Is copywriting an art or a science? What about when you introduce SEO into the mix?

Let’s not get carried away guys! SEO copywriting is hardly rocket science – and now that ‘links’ are as important as keywords, we’re back to writing fluent, persuasive copy.

Mike Beeson


Guest Post: No Running, No Diving and No Heavy Linking

Thanks again to Tom Mason for his fantastic rundown on guest posting etiquette. If you’ve not read this piece, or Tom’s blog yet, you’re missing out. Go on, have a look. You’re not that hungover.


The Golden Rule of Blogging

If you want attention, you need to do these things; Swear. Give good advice. Namedrop.

Actually, we’ve said that about 50 times as well. Not with your particular colorful delivery, but it’s a recurrent theme on Copyblogger.

Brian Clark


How Long Does a Blog Post Need to Be?

I may have taken August off. One post, three sentences. Stellar work rate there Andrew…

You’ve proven your own point guys! I was ready to enjoy a lengthy post on the subject but you’ve double-bluffed me.

Bill Obermann


Are The Evils of Modern Football Ruining Your Blog?

Here’s a rule to live your life by: Avoid being the next Tim Lovejoy.

I never thought I’d see Tim Lovejoy mentioned in a post regarding blogging. Or called smug, which he undoubtedly is.



Copywriting – An Outdated Concept?

We all know it isn’t – but that doesn’t stop some people from coming out and pretending that it is. Which is a strange thing to do…

As a professional copywriter and online marketing consultant, this article is just ridiculous. It’s clearly written by someone who is uneducated and has zero background in copywriting nor understands the history of copywriting, advertising, marketing etc.



Blogging About Blogging – A Horror Story

I apologise in advance for the diagram. If you’re creeped out by MS Paint (or shlock horror flick “The Human Centipede”, you might want to skip this.

‘My point’ about your inspired diagram would be that it made me laugh out loud. A visual representation of an arsewaste recycling process was the last thing I expected to see this morning, and it’s eased my transition into the working week no end.

Tom Albrighton


And, finally, with no comments necessary is this post: KFC Copy – Fist Bitin’ Bad!

Anyway folks, thanks for your time, feedback and selfless retweeting throughout 2010, and I wish you a successful and prosperous 2011!

Andrew Nattan (@Mr603)

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