Unmemorable Title Comments Policy

Comments not getting published? Maybe you’ve just been writing them wrong. If you want to get your comments published on Unmemorable Title, please bear the following in mind:

  • Everyone’s first ever comment is automatically held for moderation. I check them once or twice a day, so you shouldn’t wait too long.
  • If you add more than one link to a comment, it’ll be flagged up. Because most link-laden comments are spam.
  • If your comment’s just fluff – “Great post”, “Thanks!”, “Very useful!” – I’ll be flattered. But you won’t have your comment published.
  • If you just want to randomly abuse me for something I’ve said elsewhere, please use the contact form.
  • I will remove any links to gambling, dating, pornography or Manchester United related websites.
  • Remember – you’re posting on a privately operated blog. If I think you’re flaming, trolling, slandering or generally being a bit of a pillock, I reserve the right to delete your comment or republish it elsewhere with a scathing rebuttal.

Unmemorable Title Guest Posting Policy

Not happening. Used to happen, now no longer happens.

(Unless you’re someone I know and talk to on social media, or you’re a member of the PCN with a genuinely good idea for a post – in which case, drop me a line)