Being offered a guest post can be a confusing situation.

It’s like going into someone’s home for the first time; you’re not quite sure about the house etiquette. Should I take my shoes off in the hall? Where do I put my coat? Which chair should I sit in?

With social etiquette very much in mind, I’ve been carefully considering some guidelines for my inaugural appearance on Unmemorable Title.

Courting controversy

First of all, you can’t be too controversial. This isn’t my blog and I wouldn’t want to blight Andrew’s solid reputation as a copywriter by preaching about the death of SEO or some other widely exaggerated claim.

However, you don’t want to be too PC. No one wants to read 500 blah-blah words on how Google loves keyword-rich content. You’ll get bored. I’ll get bored. It’s just not that interesting.

Quality control

Furthermore, there’s an issue of standards. Andrew runs a tight ship here at Unmemorable Title and there’s a lot of excellent content lurking around these WordPress halls. In short, he’s got some SEO game.

As a guest blogger, you want to be able to justify your invitation. Knocking out three hundred words while you’re waiting for the rice to boil on the hob just isn’t good enough. A guest post needs to be insightful, witty and, crucially, entertaining. If only for the fact you’d like readers to subscribe to your own blog when they’re done digesting your digital cameo.

But then again, you don’t want to put too much effort into it. Why spend hours crafting a blog which isn’t going to benefit your own corner of the internet? Let’s say you create the Mona Lisa of guest posts; your greatest work as an SEO copywriter which pulls in ‘href’ juice from around the globe.

Congratulations. But wouldn’t you rather have all those juicy recommendations for your own site? It’s a tough one.

Coffee and after-dinner mints

Finally – and most importantly – you can’t outstay your welcome. There’s nothing worse than a guest blog trying to soak up the limelight with a 1,000 word essay. You’re a special guest star, not a listed cast member. Wrap it up, thank the host and courteously suggest readers pop by your site if they want to read more of your work.

Thanks Andrew.

You can read more of Tom Mason’s thoughts on SEO and social media over on Manchester SEO.

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