November’s in full swing now, and with it comes Google’s obligatory custom logos. Traditionally, these have celebrated the best and brightest stars that mankind has offered up.

Alongside the usual public holidays, in 2009 Google have thrown us logos to mark the 57th anniversary of the Barcode, Confucius’ birthday and a nifty logo showing the Perseid meteor shower.

So then, November 2009. 20 years since the Berlin wall came down and changed the course of European history. Not to forget Rememberance Day. Surely Google has marked these two days with logos befitting their cultural and historical importance?

Not quite…

Google Mark the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Google Marks the Fall of the Berlin Wall


Google UK Marks Armistice Day

Google UK Marks Armistice Day

So there you have it. Latest from the Google Algorithm:

Muppets > Collapse of Soviet Communism in Europe

Taking a Nap After 5 Days of Muppets > Marking Armistice Day

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