This is the Average Copywriter

This is the Average Copywriter

One of the first things they teach you at school is how to hold a pen. From there, it’s drawing letters and on to writing words. Eventually you learn to string together words into sentences and off you go.

In fact, the average schoolkid writes over 500 words a day. And how much are they paid for it? Nothing. In fact, at higher end schools, they pay for the privilage.

They pay to be allowed to write. Kids. If children aren’t thick enough to pay someone to write for them, why the hell are you?

So why should you let copywriting scam artists rip you off?

Answer – You SHOULDN’T

I mean, let’s look at the advice of so-called copywriting “experts”.

  1. Spelling and grammar is important” – Bollocks. Footballers speak a combibnation of the 3rd person and gibberish. And they earn a crapton of cash. As for speelings. You’ve got Microsoft Word – that knows English better than any so-called expert.
  2. You need calls to action” – Bollocks. You just tell everyone you’re sprockets is the best, and they buy it. You don’t need to spoonfeed them information. It’s so obvious that your the best that customers will search far and wide for your contact details.
  3. Not everyone can be a copywriter” – Bollocks. Remember being six and that teacher putting a gold star on your “What I did on my Holidays” piece? Means you’re a writer.

So remember people. Next time a charlatan wants to charge you lots of money to use a typewriter, tell them where to get off. Or use Copify. They’re dead reasonable.

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