I’ll take it as read that everyone here is following me on Twitter at @Mr603 (and if not, why not?), but there may be one or two copywriting experts you should be following that have somehow slipped the net.

The Twittering Copywriters You Need To Follow

@andymaslen – Independent Copywriter and author of very highly regarded copywriting books
@benlocker – Head honcho of the eponymous Ben Locker and Associates
@turnerink – Sarah Turner, London copywriter and one of my favourite bloggers
@abc_copywriting – Tom Albrighton, as seen in The Guardian’s copywriting live blog.
@matthewhill – Self confessed “Rubbish Journalist turned Copywriter”
@alconcalcia – Alasdair Murray, writer of copy and comedy, owner of the hardest to remember Twitter alias on this list
@larnerc – Larner Caleb, copywriter and creative director
@snappysentences – Sally B, antipodean copywriter and communications professional
@totmac – Tom Mason, Copywriter at The Eword, SEO bod and fiction writer
@nosloppycopy – Howard Smith,  freelance copy and SEO copy bod
@copyblogger – Seriously now. You know who Brian Clark is, and you’ve got Copyblogger in your RSS Feed. Let’s drop the pretence.
@copify – Or maybe not, eh?

If you’ve got any additions to this list or I’ve inadvertently left you off, please drop me a line in the comments section. I’ll be sure to rectify it in a coming #FollowFriday post.

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