Copify - Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

Larner Caleb’s take on Copify’s Marketing

Are you searching for the content mill Copify? Maybe you’re considering signing up as a writer? Maybe you want to take advantage of their rates? If you do, you might want to read this first. Because you’re going to be throwing good money at a bad service that won’t deliver for your business.

Some genuinely great business copywriters have weighed in on the whole content mill issue. So read on and inform your decision before you choose where to spend your hard-earned cash.

Copify – The Debate

Unmemorable Title

Whilst not strictly about (but obviously inspired by) Copify, my post on Paying Copywriters by the Hour has a decent conversation attached.

Alexander S. H. Velky

Copywriter for hire Alex Velky decided to sign up for Copify to see whether or not it deserved the horrendous reputation it has with writers. And Copify does. Oh dear.

Ben Locker & Associates

Ben weighs in with what could be described as “cheap traffic bait” or “insightful comments on just how Copify have riled people up”. I favour the latter description, but judge for yourself: Copify, Unprepared to sell Cheap Copy?

ABC Copywriting

Fresh from his Guardian Liveblogging adventure, Tom gives us his two pence worth (if that’s taken literally, it’s much cheaper than 2p per word) and raises an interesting point regarding Google. Read his piece on the perils of content mills.


Don’t think this is purely a copywriting issue. We’ve got comments from the world of PR too. Copywriters. Just how much are you worth?

The Drum

Larner Caleb is right on the money, in hilarious fashion with his sarcastic swipe at content farms, Copify and the cash per word scandal. Is the pen mightier than the sword when it comes so cheap?

Copify Blog

In the name of fairness, and because it’s only right that the company in question get their say, here’s what Copify have to say on the subject.

Oh, and one last link. Just for giggles. Here’s what one half of Copify has to say about the web developer who designed their site.

Before you ask –

Yes, MJR Web is the poster who’s replying on behalf of Copify on the above blogs (with his official Copify email address no less).

No, I don’t know if he wrote his own testimonial or asked his business partner to do it for him, but I think testimonials say a lot about businesses. Don’t you?

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