New AND Exciting news from Unmemorable Title

Well, after nearly two years and 111 posts, I’ve decided that Unmemorable Title can no longer continue as a one man band. It’s just too much work for me to be expected to do, what with the writing, SEO, social media involved in running a successful website.

But, thanks to the wonders of cheap overseas outsourcing (which I heartily recommend), I’m delighted to unveil the ALL NEW Unmemorable Title Team!

Andrew Nattan - Ear Hygiene Enthusiast and CopywriterAndrew N – Rockstar Blog Guru

Don’t worry Andy fans, I’ll still be here, overseeing the new team. I’ll be putting my years of copywriting and social media marketing to good use – by sending my new copywriter an email with vague descriptions of ideas and then letting the AdSense revenue roll in while I drink caipirinhas on the beach.


Sachin T – WriterSachin Tendulkar - Legendary Indian Cricketer

Hello ladies and madams! I am Sachin and I amount to the new writer hereat  UT. English my third language, but after a course of three weeks at the University of Raipur’s learns by mail (and the Translating Google!), I certainly am good. I might copy write that in much turnover AdSense for Andrew will bring. I’m will hit this blog for six!

Nik B – Search Engine Optimising SpecialistNikolai Bukharin - Soviet Politburo Member

Greetings Comrades! I am Nik, and I am bringing revolutionary new SEO techniques to UT. As of April, I will have access to thousands of collectivised link farms, bringing the glorious message of Unmemorable Title to the masses. As part of the leading triumvirate here at UT, I forsee a great future for me, assuming this trial period goes well. I must now quit Stalin and get to work!


Nwankwo K – Social Outreach CampaignerKanu - Nigerian Footballer

Greetings sir! I am the loyal servant of deposed blogger Andrew Nattan and am authorised to tell you about the new direction I will be taking the social marketing of the site in to. We will be operating an email list GUARANTEED to make you $100,000 per annual period. However, I will need to have your bank details and a one time admin charge of $1000 in order to transact this offer and not buy huge canoe-shaped boots at all. Please email me now! Respectfully yours, N.

I think this new Unmemorable Title team is going to take the site in a brilliant new direction, and will let you know how it goes in a week or two. Please note that until then, all replies to comments, or posts on Twitter or Facebook will be outsourced to a content mill.

Share your love for the team in the comments section!


Apologies to Nigerian footballer Nwankwo Kanu, late Politburo member Nikolai Bukharin and especially Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar who certainly does NOT write in the style of something that’s been translated into Portuguese and back using Babelfish. And apologies to all you readers – next year’s April Fool’s post might be at least borderline amusing. Like this one from Tom Albrighton.

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